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Our Mission

Founded in 1984, the center, it's staff and volunteers remain firmly pro-life in all aspects.  By allowing God's love to be shed abroad from our hearts to those facing a untimely pregnancy or parenting at a very young age, we are actively working to preserve life.  Through education, supplying material needs, and emotional support by means of peer-counseling, we hope to help birth parents find the courage to choose life for their child, and make it a quality life.

What is a pregnancy center?

Our #1 goal is to save the lives of unborn children when the moms are considering abortion.  Most of those women have been given false information about what abortion is. Many are taught that the life they carry is a "clump of tissue" or a "by-product of conception" by people who stand to profit from selling them an abortion.  We educate them about the very real dangers to them and their baby in a low-key, informational manner.  We never pressure, threaten or try to scare women with graphic photos. We teach the truth.  It is The Holy Spirit's work to open their hearts and minds.  We are not alone.  There are thousands of centers in the US doing what we do.

Our Needs List


New and Used Baby Bottles

Crib Sheets

Used Cribs


Baby Clothes up to 2T

Baby Shoes & Socks

Baby Coats

Maternity Clothes

Diapers up to Size 6

Baby Wipes

Burp Cloths

Used Pack 'n' Plays

Used Strollers

Used Bouncy Seats

Used Swings

How do we do it?

Simply.  We reach out to women in our town and the surrounding communities.  We believe in the value of life.  All life.  So we offer hope to those who want a "way out" so that they have options and support.

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