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Expecting moms, how would you like a free ultrasound? We are looking for moms-to-be in their first or second trimester of pregnancy to be ultrasound models. The ultrasound is free and you will receive a free baby gift for helping us with our ultrasound nurse training. All models will also be entered into a grand prize drawing! So if you or someone you know in their first or second trimester would like a free ultrasound and free gift contact us at 814-938-4024.


Why does Punxsy Women’s Clinic need training models?

As part of our ministry, the pregnancy medical center will soon offer limited OB ultrasounds at no cost to our clients. Our Registered Nurses will be performing the ultrasounds under the order of our Medical Director. Each nurse has already attended a specialized education program as the first step in this process, but each is also required to complete skills and supervised competency training prior to independently performing ultrasounds in the clinic. In order to complete these competencies so we can offer this important service, we need pregnant volunteers to be models for training scans.

Who can be a training model?

If you are pregnant, it has been at least 6 weeks or more since your last period, and you are not having any vaginal bleeding or abdominal pain, you can volunteer to be a training model. For our training purposes, we would prefer to
focus on scans of first and second trimester pregnancies through about 18-20 weeks due to the specific imaging techniques used.

What is the difference between a limited OB ultrasound and a regular OB ultrasound?

The difference is in the purpose and scope. Limited OB ultrasounds are performed to answer only three questions and are not a detailed examination of fetal anatomy or search for potential medical issues. The questions that a limited OB scan seeks to answer in conjunction with a positive pregnancy test are:

1. Is the pregnancy in the uterus?
2. What is the approximate gestational age?
3. Is there cardiac activity present?

The scan images we obtain are then read by a physician qualified in OB imagery. Our nurses will then provide the results to clients along with information on and referrals to local prenatal care providers, human service agencies, as well as provide any other recommendations, instructions or precautions advised by our physician.

Should I check with my physician first?

Although ultrasound in pregnancy is generally considered a safe procedure, clinic staff encourages you to discuss any concerns you may have about volunteering to be a training model with your medical provider. All training scans
at the center are performed by Registered Nurses under the direct supervision of an RDMS (Registered Diagnostic Medical Sonographer) with OB credentials. The scans will be read and evaluated by the contracted physician who is qualified to interpret OB scans.

What is involved?

Volunteers are asked to drink enough fluids to fill their bladders for their appointments. The standard procedure once the consent is obtained is for the sonographer to begin with an abdominal scan. If for any reason adequate images can not be obtained abdominally, a request to proceed with a vaginal scan may be made. Volunteers can stop the scan at any time. All training scans will be by an RN, or possibly two, under direct supervision of an RDMS.

How do I volunteer to be a model?

If you meet the requirements, please call the office at 814-938-4024 with a name and contact number for the receptionist or answering machine, and one of our nurses will contact you regarding an appointment. Other options to schedule include e-mailing

What will I receive in return?

Because we are so appreciative of your willingness to help us in this important endeavor, and our wish is to give you a rewarding experience in return for your assistance, we want to make your effort worth your time. Of course we will provide you with ultrasound photos of your baby! Not only that, but you will be able to pick a small gift from our baby shop, and all training models can enter a drawing for one of several prizes including baskets of baby care items and several high end items.


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